Is there a “best” type of food for your dog?

Yes. In case your primary veterinarian has not stressed it enough, your dog’s diet is extremely important. It is much easier to decide on the best food for your dog if your dog is healthy. But there are diets available that are geared towards dogs with kidney, thyroid, food allergies or any other abnormal conditions. Even if your dog is completely healthy, there are dogs that tolerate specific types of food, for example: dry or wet.

Best Foods for your best friend:

  • A balanced, raw, homemade diet is the best food you can feed your dog, or cat.
    • For more information, read Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats cookbook.
  • Commercially available raw diet.
  • Human-grade canned food.
  • Human-grade dry food.
  • Vet recommended canned food: Science Diet, Purina Veterinary, Royal Canin and Waltham.

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