Teaching your dog tricks can be both fun and stressful at the same time. Studies show that dogs process words using the left side of their brains, just as humans do. They use the right side of their brains to understand tone and pitch. This is why dogs understand one word sentences in a specific tone. They say dogs can retain up to 165 words!

Choosing the correct words when training your dog is very important and needs to be something you are going to stick with. Your dogs will soon associate these words with a specific action and a treat, of course. Rewarding your dog when they complete or are close to completing a trick is very important. The dog will remember that they were rewarded after hearing this word and acting on it that they will not think twice to do it.

Although it may seem impossible at times, with patience and practice your dog can learn all sorts of fun tricks. Below are a few tricks to get your dog started:


  • Kiss trick
  • Bark on demand
  • Shake hands (high five)
  • Fetch
  • Roll over
  • Play dead
  • Spin
  • Stand on hind legs
  • Sit pretty
  • Hug

Stay tuned! I will be expanding on these tricks to give you the inside scoop on how to have your dog master these fun tricks.